seattle, part three

These are all shot on Sunday. Emily and I wandered around the city a bit before heading back home. It was such a fun, quick trip. I often forget how rejuvenating those can be. I need more short trips out-of-town.

+ + + + +

Earlier this week, my submission was chosen for a words to shoot by. The word was orange. As you will see, my shots were taken in Seattle. It was fun to have a little photo project to think about over the weekend and I’m honored to be chosen. A big thanks to Steph for the open call for submissions and to Dave for pushing me to do it. I hope you venture over there and check out all the different takes on the word orange. It’s really fun to see what everyone did with the word.


2 thoughts on “seattle, part three”

  1. you really did get around town! Going to Dick’s AND the troll qualifies for ‘seeing it all’. My favorite pic is the second one. Love the abstract quality of it.
    Sang last night up on Capitol Hill. Wish yu’d been there…

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