seattle, part deux

My friend Emily and I had dinner at Delancey! I have wanted to go ever since they opened. You guys, it was just so so so so soooo good. Frankly, it’s a good thing I don’t live in Seattle because I would be eating a lot more pizza.

We shared the green goddess salad, crimini pizza and tried all the desserts. The plum galette put me over the moon and Emily was really happy with her figs in honey mousse. We took the grey sea salt chocolate chip cookie to go and ate it here and there over the next day. Not a single disappointment in the night; even the wine was great. Our server was awesome and we got a chance to chat with Brandon (the owner) a bit about why he opened Delancey (because he got tired of driving down to Portland once a week for Ken’s Artisan Pizza) and a special trick about their pizza sauce (ha… this one you’ll have to ask me about in person, it is kinda brilliant). The simplicity of the decor was really refreshing . It truly is as lovely as it seems in all the pictures.

It was too dark out when we left for me to get a good shot of the logo on the window so i opted for some Delancey bokeh.

Next door, there was the most adorable umbrella shop. How could I resist this?

The adventure continues tomorrow … see you then!


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