oh thank goodness

it’s been one of those weeks and, not just in a negative sense, it was also a good week in some aspects. so i guess we can call it bittersweet or maybe “a week to grow on.” i don’t know and i don’t really want to dissect it.   sometimes you just have to go with it… see where these disparate, challenging, and new things take you. i don’t have a theme for today’s photos (this is becoming a Friday tradition) but these are some of my favorites of late.

these first three are from an afternoon walk near my work …

my favorite, and most common, dinner company …

catching the autumnal evening light …

and a sunset from my friends balcony in northeast …

I’m off to Seattle for the weekend but plan on popping in here at least once.


right now, i am loving …

these illustrations and this double exposure.

geese! giggles! a great logotype!

dewy spider-webs and awesome hot air balloons.


have a lovely weekend!


2 thoughts on “oh thank goodness”

  1. Hey Vanessa! How cool that you’re loving my dewey spider web photo … thanks and have a great time in Seattle!

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