from the table

i have two somewhat opposing food goals at the moment. i want to cook  & eat-in more but i also want to try some new-to-me restaurants around town. i think i can do both simultaneously. why not, right?

so, dear friends & fellow food lovers, i have a small favor to ask of you.

please share with me your favorite meal of late. if you made it yourself, what was the dish? do you mind sharing the recipe? if you ate it in a restaurant, tell me where and the details of the dish.


5 thoughts on “from the table”


    This recipe has been a favorite for Eli & I, especially in the fall/winter months. I hadn’t made it all summer, and then made it again last week and it’s so good! Real simple too, and there’s something fun about Roasting a whole bird. I usually serve it with some roasted veggies, whatever you got or is in season works, carrots, sweet potatoes, asparagus, whatever.

      1. Yes. We usually eat the thigh and/or leg that night, and then save the wings & breast meat for other things, like throwing in soups or stir-frys or pasta dishes, or chicken salad. I also often use the rest (bones etc) to make chicken broth.

        I recommend looking up some how-to’s on trussing a bird if you’ve never done it before (youtube has some good videos), it can be kind of tricky. Here’s a good one from Chow

  2. Fruity Flapjack (Dairy and nastiness free)

    300g Soya Margarine
    150g very dark Soft Brown Sugar
    150g Golden Syrup

    melt together in a bowl and add

    100g natural colour Glace Cherries
    50g Dried Apricots
    100g Sultanas

    Meassure out 500g of porridge oats while the fruit soaks in the sugary mix for a few secs then add it all together and stir it until the oats are coated but not mushed. Place into a greased tray and bake for 20-25 mins at 175 degrees/gas mark 4. A deeper tray will make juicier pieces…shallow will make them crisper. Also, if you want them even crisper, first seek the advice of a psychiatrist as they really need to be chewwy, and then raise the temp a gas mark or 15 degrees.


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